Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

Dec 26

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog this year. This year was amazing. Hope this will not end soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and a vary Happy 2012! Skirmantas   Read More

2011 – Happy New Year!

Dec 31

2011 – Happy New Year!

Have a Happy 2011 everyone!!!!!

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I Love Swiming

Nov 20

I really like swimming so does my daughter

As jau plaukiu from Skirmantas on Vimeo.

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Fire In Baltu 4 Kaunas

Apr 27

This morning was really unusual... There was a fire in Baltu 4, Kaunas. Thank god it wasn't the house that I am living in.. Firemen came in 3 min and thank god that no one got hurt!! [nggallery id=19] Read More

Love Story….

Feb 14

This video does not need words...

Our love story from Skirmantas on Vimeo.

Love Story
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Tasty Suicide Chicken

Feb 06

Tasty Suicide Chicken
Suicide Chicken - what is it? Suicide chicken is tasty dish made and created by me. This chicken is named like this because it is extremely Hot. But it is extremely tasty.If you want to make it by your own I will tell you the recipe.

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