Gigantic Monsters – Belgian Cows

Nov 30

Have you ever seen Belgian Cows?

I was amazed by these big cows when I saw them in video… I seen live one’s before, but they were smaller… These one’s are REALLY BIG!!!! Here is a little info about them:

Belgian Blue cattle are a beef breed from Belgium. The sculpted, heavily muscled appearance is known as “double muscling”, and is a trait shared by the Piedmontese breed. They are named for their typically blue-grey mottled hair color, although it can vary from white to black.

The Belgian Blue has a natural mutation of the gene that codes for myostatin, a protein that counteracts muscle growth. The truncated myostatin is unable to function in this capacity, resulting in accelerated lean muscle growth, due primarily to hyperplasia rather than hypertrophy. The defect in the breed’smyostatin gene is maintained through linebreeding. This mutation also interferes with fat deposition, resulting in very lean meat. Cows bred to double-muscled bulls are often unable to give birth naturally, requiring acaesarean section. Double-muscled cows also can experience dystocia, even when bred to normal beef bulls, or even dairy bulls, because of narrowing of the birth canal.

The breed originated in central and upper Belgium in the nineteenth century, from crossing local cattle with Shorthorn cattle from the United Kingdom and probably with Charolais cattle. At first there were milking strains and beef strains of the breed. The modern beef breed was developed in the 1950s by Professor Hanset, working at anArtificial insemination centre in Liege province.

Video about Belgian Blue from National Geographic:

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