Antivirus 8 Is Not a Real Antivirus?

Sep 28

Antivirus 8 Is Not a Real Antivirus?
PC owners how value their online security and system safety should take notice of Antivirus 8, and protect their systems against it. If you’re wondering what Antivirus 8 is, it’s a harmful rogue antivirus application that should be eliminated from any infected PC without delay. This rogue security tool is mostly distributed through illicit websites which contains harmful Trojans and fake online scanners to mislead unsuspecting consumers. The designers of Antivirus 8 have actually gone farther than most other rogue developers in aggressively distributing Antivirus 8 by making use of social engineering. The most popularly targeted websites by Antivirus 8 include Facebook and Friendster and MySpace, among others. Read More

Bjelle ir Peru (Lithuania Got Talent)

Sep 20

Really amazing song from "Bjelle ir Peru"

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