PSP Chhhicago Open 2011

Jul 25

PSP Chhhicago Open 2011. Another masterpiece form HK army. HHHH!!!! Read More

Dire Rogue Application Gone Viral

Jul 12

Dire Rogue Application Gone Viral
It has certainly become more difficult to differentiate between genuine and rubbish security tools these days, and rogue applications like Anti-Malware Lab certainly does not make it any easier. The sophistication invested in this rogue’s development may be enough to fool inexperienced users into paying for its worthless software. Anti-Malware Lab has been designed to emulate the exact same interfaces as the legitimate Windows XP file manager. This already makes it extremely difficult for naïve users to identify Anti-Malware Lab as the malicious clones of well-known rogue applications My Security Shield, My Security Engine and Internet Security Essentials. But the point remains that if infected, you need to obliterate Anti-Malware Lab straight away. Read More