Woodkid – Iron

Nov 28

Woodkid - Iron. If you didn't see it I really recommend you to watch it. This is really something that is standing out of form crowd. Read More

Malicious rogue spreading its vitriol

Nov 25

Malicious rogue spreading its vitriol
Despite the best efforts of the online security industry many PC owners continue to fall victim to the seditious lies of the malicious AV Protection 2012 and similar threats. This seditious rogue antispyware application derives from the same family of despicable rogues as OpenCloud Antivirus, OpenCloud Security and Cloud Protection. It will enter the PC without your knowledge and will first root itself securely before starting its attack. AV Protection 2012 will of course attempt to convince you Read More

System Fix – same rogue, different name

Nov 17

System Fix – same rogue, different name
The developers behind rogue defragmenters like System Fix have had to up their game in order to still compete with increasingly more educated PC owners. System Fix, which derives from the same despicable family of rogues as FakeHDD, still does a good job at copying a legitimate defragger and uses an authentic looking GUI which culminates in effectively tricking inexperienced users into parting with their money for this worthless software. When all is said and done you will rather want to destroy System Fix Read More


Nov 05

Simple amazing... I had never seen that before... Read More