Airless Tires From Michelin

Jan 07

Airless Tires – Tweel is an innovative tire design created by Michelin. Tires are not using air so they cannot burst or become flat telekom receiver apps. Instead, Tweel’s base is connected to shock-absorbing polyurethane spokes which are used to support the outer rim.

I was amazed to see a tires like this download the answering machine. Now that I know that there are tires like this I already want to by them. just imagen no bursts no flat tires anymore. Wouldn’t be great?

But  one thing still remains photoshop für mac kostenlos herunterladen. What if I like to burn rubber? what happens then? And how must will those tires cost? I thing that it is going to be twice cheaper to run on old style tires herunterladen. I do not know answer for these question but I know one thing that Michelin did a really great work on invention like this.

source: toxel