Plieninė iltis – New start!

Feb 09

Plieninė iltis - is a dog training school with a new team that are Best of the Best! Here we go!
I am pleased to announce that my work is being exhibited at the Moscows International Foto Awards 2021. I have submitted the artwork “Poésie” and the series “Forgotten Horses” in the Nature category, in which they stand in between so many great photos from all around the world.

Forgotten Horses

More than 60% of our equine breeds are endangered or have a vulnerable status with such small populations, that their destiny often depends on the selfless commitment of individual persons The project “Forgotten Horses” portrays rare and endangered horse breeds, with the goal to raise awareness to disappearing horse breeds and preserve equine diversity. The horses shown are Schwarzwälder Kaltblut in Germany, Cheval de Vercors de Barraquand in France, Noriker in Czech Republic, Kladruber in Czech Republic, Rottaler in Germany, Pottok in France, Suffolk Punch in Great Britain and Poitevin de Mulassier in France.
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All Truth About PC Optimizer Pro

Feb 27

All Truth About PC Optimizer Pro
There are a great many deceptive computer applications that are developed to deceive computers. PC Optimizer Pro is one of the applications that may easily trick unsuspecting computer users into purchasing its full version. Visually, the application does not differ from other system optimization programs. It has its navigation pane on the left-hand side of the interface window, which enables you to access different sections and edit scan, startup and other settings. Read More

Removing virus or awesomehp

Jan 30

Removing virus or awesomehp is a search engine which seems to be a regular search provider. However, this search provider is distributed by a browser hijacker, which takes control of your Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The changes on the browsers can be made without your interference, and if you have no reliable anti-spyware tool, Read More

NationZoom or – it’s bad anyway

Dec 04

NationZoom or – it’s bad anyway
Have you just opened the browser and found nationzoom? Well, it is a sign that you should change your browsing habits or install a spyware removal tool which can fight various computer threats off. Nationzoom is a search engine owned by Violeter Technology Limited and promoted by some unwanted application. Read More

What is Qvo6 Virus

Sep 02

What is Qvo6 Virus
Do you know how to tell a potentially unwanted program apart from a real browser hijacker? The answer is simple – browser hijackers do not even let you know about the modifications they perform on your browser. Take Qvo6 Virus, for example. It is a staple example of a genuine browser hijacker, considering that it does even resists being removed from the infected computer. Read More