Tasty Suicide Chicken

Feb 06

Tasty Suicide Chicken
Suicide Chicken - what is it? Suicide chicken is tasty dish made and created by me. This chicken is named like this because it is extremely Hot. But it is extremely tasty.If you want to make it by your own I will tell you the recipe.

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Hello There My Name Is Vanessa

Jan 25

Hello There My Name Is Vanessa
I am proud to present to you My beloved daugter Vanessa. She was born on January 20 3.17 am This little child brings a lot more then happiness to our family. There are no happier people in the world then me an my wife Dovile at this moment.

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This One Is For My Dad

Dec 07

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Weekend trip to Biržai

Aug 24

So this weekend I had a trip to Biržai (Birzai). Well what can I say about Biržai I can say that Biržai is a really nice small town. It is an exceptional city called the gem of North Lithuania. Biržai is near the northern border of Lithuania. History says that this city is famous for richness of water bodies, hospitality of people and strong beer. Well, I didn’t try the beer, because I already know how strong it is... Read More

Total Failure Of Girl On Facebook

Aug 12

This is an exmaple of girl that hates her work and boss Read More

Long Hair Style Three Years Ago

Jul 28

Today I was looking at old photos and I could not believe my eyes how long was my hair at that time thanks to the castor oil and hair growth.... I was laughing for 30min... I will never ever grow hair that long again. I just remember how hard times it was to wash them and live with them... Long hair is really bad thing to have.... I like short hair and I will keep them short. What was I thinking of at that time... Jesus... Here are some photos of me with long hair: [nggallery id=12] Read More