FIA Formula 1 Medical Car Story

May 30

FIA Formula 1 medical rescue coordinator now is Dr Ian Roberts. He replaced Dr Gary Hartstein just this year. Dr Gary Hartstein is an associate professor of anesthesia and emergency medicine at the University of Liège Hospital in Belgium, who was previously the FIA Medical Delegate for the Formula One World Championship after the retirement of Professor Sid Watkins. This is his story... Read More

Things to Appreciate About You

Apr 17

Things are not always the way you think they are. You should think about your self more... See this video and look how people are thinking about them self and what other people think of them Read More

Shocking Bullfighting

Feb 02

That is the most unusually bullfighting video. I had never seen that done in a ring.... It this some king of sport??? Read More

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Nov 11

After Hurricane Sandy thousands of people in New York City still remain without heat, food, power and clean water and even supplements for nutrition as energy drinks like the ones in this Patriot Power Greens review. Relief efforts by locals offer continuing direct aid to the neighborhoods most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please visit: and support if you can! We Got This (Occupy Sandy) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo. Read More

New iPhone 5

Sep 17

I just live iPhone 5. Looks amazing and that A6 chip is a blast. Looking forward to buy one! Read More

What it is like to be K-9 Police Officer

Jul 24

If you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a K-9 Police Officer I suggest you to see this video. It explains all good and bad sides of the job that they do every day just to make our like easier. Read More