Do You Have Antivirus Protection Trial In Your System?

May 03

There is a new rogue antispyware plaguing numbers of computers worldwide called Antivirus Protection Trial. It is a clone of the previously released Antivirus Soft and AV Security Suite windows 7 downloaden kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Due to the fact that this new rogue comes from a notorious family of computer threats, it is necessary to destroy Antivirus Protection Trial the moment it is detected hbedv.key herunterladen. Stalling and ignoring the problem might have dire consequences.

Antivirus Protection Trial uses a well-designed distribution network aktuelle version von skype herunterladen. It has many ways to spread, but one method involves the utilization of browser hijackers. For example, a browser hijackers is one of the sites which promote the rogue by offering the user to purchase the life-time license for the program herunterladen. It is possible to find oneself in a browser hijacker page after an Internet search. It just happens that sometimes the criminals behind rogue antispyware use popular search keywords, so that their sites would appear at the top of the search list amazon music downloaden. Usually these sites have nothing to do with the search topic or the keywords, but if it appears high in the result list, the user might be more inclined to click on the link lieder mp3 kostenlos downloaden.

Once the user is lured and the download mechanism is initiated, it is only a question of time until Antivirus Protection Trial roots in the system whatsapp status videos downloaden. Once the program settles down, it exhibits the staple rogue behavior by performing a fake system scan. It has a scan status bar in which the user can see various Windows directories being “scanned” avasign herunterladen. However, the scan is not real, and it is only a moving graphics picture. When the scan is done a list of malware infections is presented to the user, which includes various backdoors, Trojans and so on download yakari. The parasites presented in the list do not exist in the system, despite Antivirus Protection Trial’s claims.

The plan of Antivirus Protection Trial includes convincing the user that there is no other way to get rid of those infections, but to activate the full version of the program android for free. There are three deals offered, Antivirus Protection Limited, Antivirus Protection Plus and Antivirus Protection Full, all ranging from $59.95 to $79.95. Along with the payment the user also reveals his private information such as his name, address, and the credit card number. As this data ends up in the hands of the RBN criminals, they can use it to perform a whole range of illegal operations.

With the evidence present it is obvious that Antivirus Protection Trial is a fraudulent program, which enters computer without the user’s consent and then breaches his privacy. As this rogue was created to be a tool in a well-devised robbery scheme, it is highly recommended to remove Antivirus Protection Trial, before it manages to gain access to important information. The most effective way to do that is by using a reliable malware detector tool, because then it is not necessary to find and remove all the files associated with the rogue manually.