Everything you need to know about Google Drive

May 03

Do you have accounts with iCloud, SkyDrive or Evernote? Then you will want to discover Google’s new product Google Drive, which offers an incredible 5GB virtual storage for all your files, documents, music and video clips wetransfer download everything. And all of it is for free! Well, this might just leave Google Drive leading, replacing Dropbox with its 2GB, which up till now has been the most popular storage service provider videos mit iphone herunterladen. And if you think 5GB might be too little for your needs, do not worry, as Google Drive is ready to offer upgraded storage spaces, for those who will be willing to pay some money each month for 25GB, 100GB and even 1TB file storages zoom for free.

So, how exactly Google Drive works download nacon software? First of all, this tool is compatible with all computer systems, from Macs to Windows’ to Androids, and works on the basis as desktop folders. You can gather your photos, documents and other digital pieces in once place, and you can even synchronize this data between your Mac and your iPhone, or your Windows PC and your Android phone download iphone 7 plus free music. So, it is safe to say that the potential is truly limitless!

Of course, with good news there will always be some bad ones, but this time it is all on Dropbox (2008), Evernote (2012) and other programs, which were gaining momentum in past months klingeltöne ac dc kostenlosen. Surely, Google saw a window of great opportunities and used it relentlessly! And 5GB may be the feature, which could attracts masses or even make previously mentioned programs’ users choose Google Drive; however, this program is ready to lead, because of all Google’s users, who have already got used to signing in into different programs with only one account prime music herunterladen auf pc! Google’s domination has expanded, and the question is: will you be part of it?