Google Fast Flip Or Browsing News Quickly

Dec 14

Have you heard how you can read news faster?

There is a new thing that Google launched that is called: Google Fast Flip. So, instead of seeing Google news in headlines, ‘Google Fast Flip’ shows you all of that in thumbnails apps apple watch. It looks like you are seeing the news stand, which is a pretty cool thing.

google fast flip

Ok, so how does ‘Google Fast Flip’ work teamspeak for download?

Google is capturing images of their partners and shows you in an easy-to-read view. All news articles are grouped in categories like business, politics, and opinions, etc windows pro.

Readers can easily read story’s just by flipping through them and by pressing the left- and right-arrow keys until they find one that catches their interest download wire app. And if the user clicks on the story, they will be taken directly to the publisher’s website.

Since the ‘Google Fast Flip’ site contains images, resembling link buttons – this entails that hyperlinks will not work.  The user will need to click on the image to be directed to the website page in question youtube videos downloaden test. Some of the images also trim out portions of the text inside the pages.

‘Google Fast Flip’ page also offers users a voting mechanism. If a user clicks on the “Like” button on a story, the page lodges a public vote for that story gta 5 lspdfr herunterladen. If a number of users click on the “Like” button, that particular story will be re-directed to the “Recommended” section. At the bottom of the home page, Fast Flip users who are signed in to their Google Account can see which stories friends in their Gmail contact list have “liked.”

The ‘Google Fast Flip’ site is still in Beta, and can be found under the GoogleLabs section at the following link: herunterladen.

There is also a mobile version of this service, which can be found by this URL: wetter herunterladen gratis.
We will have to wait until ‘Google Fast Flip’ is fully completed, however one thing is clear:  it is exciting to see how Google competitors will compete with this service herunterladen.