How different or similar are Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion?

Mar 06

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is about to launch at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. Nonetheless, Microsoft has been more than generous with the information and updates while the new big thing was being developed, and the main features have already been exposed to the public steam spiel kopieren statt downloaden. We can only thank Microsoft and its extensive Building Windows 8 blog!

So, what do we know about Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion download or download? Both products mimic original company’s mobile operating systems in their desktop OS’s, but Mac OS X Lion depends on iOS in a few more ways. The most recognizable features are the App Store, the Launchpad screen, and the touch interface dvd spieler herunterladen. And back in 2010, Steve Jobs revealed that the success of iPad tablet had a lot to do with the launch of OS X Lion, taking and upgrading many of its features excel download vista for free.

In fact, both products have the touch interface, the applications’ store, and new ways to navigate around apps, which will have full-screen views dvd shrink deutsch kostenlos downloaden. Isn’t that similar? Undoubtedly, the two have some differences as well. Most noticeably, Apple’s Lion features the synchronization of their tablets and phones, leaving the desktop aside anno 1503 kostenloser. Whilst Windows 8 will seclude the phone OS, and align tablets with desktops.

All in all, the differences are not so big, and it will depend on each user’s taste, whether Mac OS X Lion will be chosen over Windows 8, or vice versa Download steam dlc. Obviously, the good old times of desktops are over, and tablets are taking over. However, the creators behind Microsoft and Apple desktops have invented these amazing devices to excite their users whatsapp downloaden op samsung.