How to manage and customize your Firefox tabs

Nov 03

Commanding a vast majority of the market share, 46.5% to be exact, Firefox is the number one web browser in the World Wide Web. Surprisingly, Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions) captures only 35.3% of the market share with Chrome (11.6%), Safari (3.8), and Opera (2.1%) – all of which are classified as distant competitors herunterladen.

One of the most convenient features adopted by contemporary web browsers is the feature of tabbed browsing. No longer is it necessary to open a separate instance of the application I order to display multiple web pages download roomsketcher.

Firefox’s tabbed browsing feature is one of the best examples of this advancement.

In order to configure Firefox 3.6’s tabbed browsing feature, so as to customize your browsing experience, read on…

In order to view the tabbed browsing options available to you in Firefox 3.6, begin by opening Firefox and clicking on >Tools> and then >Options< download excel 2010 for free.

Next, click on the >Tabs< button. You will now see five alternative options, several of which may or may not be checked already modern combat 4 for free.

So what does each of these options really mean?
Read below for descriptions of each:

1. >Open New Windows in a New Tab Instead<
Some websites make use of certain code to open their links in a new window rather than using the current one download ipad texts. This is done so you remember to come back to the original page and continue viewing its content. Also, middle clicking (wheel mouse click) on any link also opens a link in a new window download amazon borrowed movies. Checking this option forces Firefox 3.6 to use tabs rather than new windows to display new content.

2. >Warn Me When Closing Multiple Tabs<
This option is most useful when you routinely have many tabs open at the same time Download android apps for free. Nothing is more frustrating than when you have lots of websites displayed in many tabs and you accidentally close the browser losing all of the content you had displayed herunterladen. Check this option to help you avoid losing what you were doing with multiple tabs open at the same time.

3. >Warn Me When Opening Multiple Tabs Might Slow Down Firefox<
This one won’t come up much but it is possible to open so many tabs that your computer and Firefox will slow down considerably while they fulfill all of your requests to load lots of web pages signal ohne play store herunterladen. It is best to keep this one checked to avoid slowdowns or unresponsive programs.

4. >Always Show the Tab Bar<
This option lets you specify whether the tab bar is present even when you have only one web page displayed in Firefox Packages latex. You can add additional tabs by clicking to the right of the current tab.

Unless you need to preserve every millimeter of screen real estate, it is much more convenient to leave this option checked so you can add as many tabs as you need without having to first click on a link.

5. >When I Open a Link in a New Tab, Switch to it Immediately<
This option is one of personal preference depending on how you browse web pages. If you want to see web pages when you click on their links, then make sure this option is checked.

However, not everyone is a fan of tabbed browsing  – for those that prefer to open a bunch of web pages and then browse them one by one – obviously this info will be rendered useless – but for everyone else- have fun with your tabbed browsing!