Japanese tragedy exploited by faceless spammers

Mar 16

With the crippling natural disasters having hit Japan, and the looming nuclear disaster hovering over this already devastated nation countries all around the globe offer condolences and help where they can, except the spammers Download apps without wi-fi iphone. As can be expected, these immoral faceless spammers are exploiting these people’s tragedy for their own depraved gains.

PC users should not find it strange if an email rocks up in their Inbox asking for donations to rehabilitate the desperate people affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami zgb herunterladen. This email, which is marked as Urgent will so for “monitory” help.

The subject of this despicable email reads as “Japanese earthquake and tsunami…(A Cry for Help).” Check the authenticity of the sender before you reply to this email netflix app serien herunterladen.

Symantec has reported that since the disaster struck, researchers have found more than 50 domain names registered with either “Japan tsunami” or “Japan earthquake.” These are all highly likely to end up being used in spamming and phishing campaigns download javascript for free. Symantec and other major security companies warn all users to use their discretion when receiving emails of this nature.