Microsoft releases a Facebook application for Windows Mobile devices

May 28

Microsoft Corp. released a Facebook application which they say is a first, which allows users to upload videos straight __windows_mobile_6_1_gold___by_mccoy88ffrom their phone, in this case, Windows Mobile 6 smartphones boot camp.

This free application, dubbed Facebook, can be downloaded from the Windows Mobile Web site, or directly from user’s mobile Web browser winrar for free windows 10.

Users can also send messages or call people on their Friends lists, manage their Facebook profile, confirm Friends requests, update their status and more firefox kann nicht downloaden.

ThumbLink, another application, from the small Ohio developer Wugland, already enabled Windows Mobile users to upload pictures to Facebook, but not videos Buy movies amazon. The Thumblink is not free either.

According to Microsoft’s press release, a version of Microsoft’s Facebook application for the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system will be available later this year excel 365 downloaden.

Microsoft has a small stake in Facebook and a large-scale Web advertising and search deal with the popular social network.