Mobile Security Risks

Jun 29

Computer users have enough problems with their systems’ security and various malware attacks, entrenching upon data stored in personal devices; however, additionally to that mobile security comes in question. Now that 35% of adults own smart phones and use them every day, it is no surprise that cyber criminals have detected a window of opportunities, and now mobile phones’ owners are targeted by infections as vicious as the ones seen in personal computers acer handy apps. What is more, alongside spam email and social engineering attack dangers, data stored in phones is much more vulnerable and accessible physically, because mobile phone devices can get into the wrong hands much quicker than laptops, or desktop computers. Nonetheless, even though schemers seem to be on top of the game at the moment, and only 35% of mobile phones are guarded against malware, mobile security software developers work hard to produce best protection software, suitable for all type of smart phones herunterladen.

Android Security Applications

Mobile security question has been raised, and cyber criminals are bound to get more creative at successful mobile security attacks. And it is already clear that virtual schemers will not calm down any time soon, as McAfee’s first quarter (2012) security study reported that over 83 million malware products were detected in personal computer systems, and whooping 8 thousand (400% increase since 2011), in the mobile world ubisoft kostenlos download. As it could have been expected, 87% of these threats were detected in Android platform, which means that Android OS users should hurry up to install powerful and reliable security software.

Looking into popular security software developers’ products, we should pay attention to independent software tester’s AV-Test results. reports that from 41 mobile antivirus programs, barely 7 could be passed as effective and trustable Android protectors, with leaders Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 ($29.95 1phone/1year), F-Secure ($39.99 1phone/1year) and Avast (free of charge) kan appvalley niet download. These antivirus applications have been ranked above 90%, whereas McAfee did not even reach 65% level. Nonetheless, there are other, more simple Android applications, which could aid at personal data protection, and below are some of our top choices.

  1. Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most popular Android security applications, which is completely free of charge. The security program can keep up with malware, just like strong computer antimalware software can, and it offers data backup services, which could come in handy, if a phone is stolen or lost pdfs. This application has infections’ scanning mode and can guard mobile phones against possible attacks. More conveniently, all files downloaded to the phone, cannot be activated, unless scanned and approved by the application, which has proven to be essential at defending malicious applications off. This attribute even can protect mobile devises against programs, which could possibly circumvent other Android security applications. Additionally, Lookout Mobile Security also works as a phone detector, in case the device is stolen or lost herunterladen.
  2. mSecure Password Manager is as straightforward as it sounds, and the app works towards protecting passwords, saved in used programs’ memory. With the application in action, user names and passwords get encrypted, and in an unfortunate event of a theft or malware invasion, all sensitive data is hidden from unlawful exercising kinder spiele zum downloaden. Additionally, this application offers a great tool, creating various complexity passwords, which could make it impossible to guess or presume login and password information. The tool also works as a backup database, which can be updated or synchronized via the Dropbox feature.
  3. DroidWall is a configuration tool, which can assist greatly at blocking certain phone applications from accessing the web goggle chromeen. This is greatly useful, because some installed mobile tools could collect personal data, which later on could be stolen by cyber schemers. The tool may also help stay clear of any unwanted advertisements. Surely enough, the application comes with a few trick here and there, and given or withdrawn credential for apps to connect to the Internet could cause undesirable reactions herunterladen. Nonetheless, DroidWall is one of those effective implementations, which could protect Android users from identity theft.

iOS Security Applications

Even though Android phones are more vulnerable to malware, spam emails, or malvertisement attacks, those, using iOS products, should not forget about mobile data security protection. With little or no threats in the past, Apple’s App Store always lacked at mobile security applications, but with changing trends of high-risk attacks, more programs have been developed and presented to the masses instagram profile photo. The growth of such applications has increased notably, once the trend of jailbreak iPhones emerged, and unprotected devices were infected with such malware as Ikee. Below we overview three iOS applications, which could serve all iPhone users.

  1. Webroot SecureWeb Browser is one of the iPhone security applications, which are not originally created by the App Store. Nonetheless, this program has a great information database of malware applications, which could be used to defended off malware from any iPhone. Even though the application works perfectly well when warning about dangerous sites, the possibility of unwanted control emerges. It could become greatly annoying to face security notifications on sites, which may not be recognized by the program, and treated as possible hazard. Nonetheless, Webroot offers USB Debugging Shield, Install Shield, Execution Shield, Unknown Sources Shield and File System Shield services, which should be enough to have iPhones protected against malware.
  2. McAfee WaveSecure iOS Edition is a great replacement for Android’s Lookout Mobile Security, which actually comes in an iOS version too. The antimalware app can be used to lock the phone or discover its location, if it is stolen, and also works as a backup tool, which means that all collected data (except logs) could be restored via a specialized McAfee website. This way none of personal information would be stolen by third parties, and there would be no trouble to regain lost data, within a short amount of time.
  3. Firewall iP works similarly to Droid Wall, but it also lets iOS users to control certain applications from achieving Internet connection, whilst cellular network connection is in action, which could serve greatly saving up bandwidth and money. Basically, Firewall iP can block unwanted advertisements, disable data collecting application from recording personal and highly sensitive information, and control TCP (transmission control protocol) and UDP (user datagram protocol) connections.