OpenCloud Security surprises experts with its vitriol

Sep 22

The similarities between OpenCloud Security and Wolfram Antivirus are no coincidence, as the same criminal developers are behind both rogue applications herunterladen. The despicable rogue antispyware application improves on his ancestor’s attack, as it uses more volatile tactics in its infection techniques. These range from infecting online flash ads with its infections, and also using malicious browser hijackers to deliver its infection into susceptible PCs Download tom and jerry movies for free. Despite the user friendly graphical user interfaces used by between OpenCloud Security, it cannot detect or remove any threats from a PC. Do not hesitate to destroy OpenCloud Security at the first opportunity was ist der unterschied zwischen streamen und downloaden.

After the successful infiltration and activation of OpenCloud Security, the rogue will start its attack against the system by initiating a seemingly genuine looking system scan world for free. The fake scan will inform the user that his PC is under attack, and that he should purchase OpenCloud Security to protect his system against this attack paypal account. Following this the rogue will spam the user with irritating spam messages informing him that the system is being attacked by spyware. Some of the fake alerts to be on the lookout for include the following:

Security Warning
There are critical system files on your computer that were modified by malicious software faster download ps4.
It may cause permanent data loss.
Click here to remove malicious software.

Warning: Infection is Detected
Windows has found spyware infection on your computer gegenteil von herunterladen!
Click here to update your Windows antivirus software

Warning: Spyware Detected
Windows has found spy programs running on your computer filme von itunes herunterladen!
Click here to update your Windows antivirus software

As a further attack OpenCloud Security will prevent the user from running applications on the infected PC or from connecting to the Internet download advents greetings. It will also cause severely poor system performance and cause increased erratic system behavior. Each time the user attempts to launch an application, he will be presented with the following fake alert preventing him from doing so:

Warning dropbox ordner herunterladen iphone!
The file “taskmgr.exe” is infected. Running of application is impossible.
Please activate your antivirus software.

There is a way to deactivate these annoying symptoms. Enter this activation key into the rogue, and the symptoms will cease:


It is important to realize that by entering the above activation key, you will not be getting rid of the threat. Get rid of OpenCloud Security immediately using a powerful security tool, which will protect your PC against similar attacks in future.