Red-Hot Kaunas in PLP Pabianice 2011.05.29

Jun 01

2011 was a new start for an old Name Red-Hot. Since we have a lot of new members in our team we had to train really really hard every singe week. And thanks to our team trainer Linas all of this hard work paid off in the PLP tournament in Pabianice on May 29th Play chess for free download. Red-Hot Kaunas placed first.

I would like to say thanks to all PLP members for organizing another amazing Pabianice tournament fack ju göhte gratis herunterladen. It was a high level event as usual. The new game schedule was a little bit unusual, but it wasn’t really a problem. I would say that this new system was even better for me free lkw games to. The battle for the first place wasn’t really easy. We had to fight hard during every single game. And reaching the finals was really hard. I especially want to say thanks to Silesia United for all their help and friendship Download online games for free. Thank you so much, guys!

I took few photos so if anyone would like to have a photo of their team or them self’s contact me

Here photos: