First Look at LDL Vilnius 2009-05-30

Jun 01

Well This LDL tournament was really great. The weather was amazing and all GNR team members where cheerful. I was really happy that my team played that good. I was thinking that we won’t have chance to climb to finals, but WE DID!!! We got IV place in this tournament! That is pretty good for our team because we have 2 new players in team. Thanks and congratulations to all players and teams that were playing in this tournament. Next time we will try to play better!!! [nggallery id=5] Read More

Waiting for LDL tournament…

May 22

So here I am waiting for next weekend... I really wont to try my self in LDL tournament. I was training all winter to improve my playing style, movements, shooting speed and all other stuff . So this tournament will going to show how good was my training. I am really looking forward to play in this tournament with our new G'N'R team members also. This will be a good test to us. We will see what kind of mistakes we doing and what we should improve.  For now I will prepare my self watching a paintball videos like this one below: Read More