Aleksotas Bridge In Kaunas

Nov 26

Aleksotas Bridge In Kaunas
Aleksotas Bridge, original of this brigde is Vytautas the Great Bridge before 1930 and from 1940 until 2008, crosses Nemunas River to connect Aleksotas and Kaunas Old Town in Lithuania. Aleksotas Bridge length exceeds 256 meters, width 16 meters. The tender for building the bridge was arranged back in 1927. After several stages of competition Copenhagen based engineers won the right to built the bridge. Finally, in 1930 January 11 bridge was completed. The bridge was named after Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas the Great after its construction. During World War II bridge was blasted away. Strategic importance of the city Kaunas resulted, that bridge was rebuilt in 1948. In 2005 bridge undergone major reconstruction.

History of Vytautas the Great Bridge

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Sunday Paintball Photos

Nov 25

It was Sunday in Lithuania and it was a perfect day for paintball. I was a photographer in this game. People that played had really a good time. [nggallery id=16] Read More

Kaunas – Zaliakalnio lifter

Nov 01

Zaliakalnio lifter ( Zaliakalnio funicular) - Kaunas, one of the two lifts, the first city in Lithuania, one of the oldest operating elevators in Europe. [singlepic id=326 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=center] Read More

Sunday (Raining Lithuania)

Jun 14

Yes it is Sunday and it is raining in Lithuania... I miss those summer days when it gets really warm and nice... I miss those times when you can lie on the river shore and play cards all day with friends... All we can see this summer is cold and rain… For people that don’t know how rain looks in Lithuania you can watch this video: And that I'm missing is in this video: Read More

Bey Bey Honda Civic

Jun 09

Bey Bey Honda Civic
So I sold my Honda Civic today.  My civic was really nice car. I will miss it...

My wife and I had really good times with that car traveling In Lithuania and Latvia. I hope the new owner will take good care of that car.

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