Kaunas United and Vilnius DIASPORA

May 08

Kaunas United and Vilnius DIASPORA
Today we had a friendly paintball match with Vilnius DIASPORA team. This was more like Kaunas United team building. Because Our team need more communication and understanding of each other. I want to say thanks to Vilnius DIASPORA for really good time. And good luck to you guys in Talin!!! Read More

Sunday Paintball Battle In X Fortas

Jul 12

So today was the really big woods paintball game in our X fortas area. There where 22 Paintball players. Weather was perfect and all players had a big smiles on their faces. The players where in 2 teams one team was Red other team where Yellow. X fortas has 4 games ares and the teams had to play two times in one are. Totally there where 8 games. Teams where playing point to point all games. Only in the last two games Yellow team had won the finals point and they Won the game. Congratulations Yellow team. But as I say all player's had played really good! We hope to see you soon!!!

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