Plieninė iltis – New start!

Feb 09

Plieninė iltis - is a dog training school with a new team that are Best of the Best! Here we go!
I am pleased to announce that my work is being exhibited at the Moscows International Foto Awards 2021. I have submitted the artwork “Poésie” and the series “Forgotten Horses” in the Nature category, in which they stand in between so many great photos from all around the world.

Forgotten Horses

More than 60% of our equine breeds are endangered or have a vulnerable status with such small populations, that their destiny often depends on the selfless commitment of individual persons The project “Forgotten Horses” portrays rare and endangered horse breeds, with the goal to raise awareness to disappearing horse breeds and preserve equine diversity. The horses shown are Schwarzwälder Kaltblut in Germany, Cheval de Vercors de Barraquand in France, Noriker in Czech Republic, Kladruber in Czech Republic, Rottaler in Germany, Pottok in France, Suffolk Punch in Great Britain and Poitevin de Mulassier in France.
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Went to see old friends at K-9 Komanda

Aug 24

Went to see old friends at K-9 Komanda
Yesterday I whent to see old friend of mine. He is training dogs at K-9 Komanda training center. It was really nice to see what was like when I was training dogs there. Seems like I haven't left taht place. I have to say that I missed it... Read More

How to Prevent Neck Injuries In Paintball

Jul 23

So our team GNR had usual training session. I got shoot in the neck... Take a look how my neck looks today:

[singlepic id=280 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=center]

So let's talk today how to prevent this type of injury's.

So first of all you have to get a neck protection. It will cost you from 5 to 15$ max. But it is wort it.

It looks like this:

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Waiting for LDL tournament…

May 22

So here I am waiting for next weekend... I really wont to try my self in LDL tournament. I was training all winter to improve my playing style, movements, shooting speed and all other stuff . So this tournament will going to show how good was my training. I am really looking forward to play in this tournament with our new G'N'R team members also. This will be a good test to us. We will see what kind of mistakes we doing and what we should improve.  For now I will prepare my self watching a paintball videos like this one below: Read More

Paintball team G’N’R Fotos from Tuesdays Training Session

May 21

Here are some fotos from Tuesdays Training Session that we had. [nggallery id=2] Read More