The Obscure and Vicious – Rogue.VirusDoctor

May 07

Rogue.VirusDoctor is a name of a highly active family of fake antispywares, all sharing the same interface attributes and working towards one single goal to get your money herunterladen. It is quite incredible but the history of the family, which has infected hundreds of thousands of Windows systems, has started back in 2009, with the first of the many – Virus Doctor spotify lieder herunterladen funktioniert nicht. Up to the latest Rogue.VirusDoctor infection, Windows Advanced User Patch, the rogues’ creators have released hundreds of completely fictitious safety application, all looking exactly the same youtube movies allowed. Of course, the interface of the current versions has evolved from the initial Virus Doctor antispyware; however, the mission stays the same download free android apps.

It is unfortunate, but most of the times, if not always, Windows users are themselves to blame for Rogue.VirusDoctor family existence herunterladen. Back when the initial Virus Doctor tool was released in 2009, it had been reported that over 95% of music downloads were illegal, and the situation is not that much different today antivir für vista kostenlos. Right now, World Wide Web offers great sites, offering low cost products, adapted by masses, and still, piracy thrives, with more illegal downloads than ever before whatsapp op je computer downloaden. Nonetheless, those, who have suffered from Rogue.VirusDoctor fictitious security applications, will tell you that paying the price of identity privacy and data security breaching may be much higher than that of legally downloaded music or software fuchs zum herunterladen.

So, if you do not want Windows Advanced User Patch, Windows Pro Web Helper, Windows Recovery Series, or other rogues released day apart, running in your system, trying to fool you in its clever, three-year-old tricks that still seem to generate extensive profit, do not lose your head, when you are online herunterladen. Virus Doctor clones could hide in encrypted downloads, spam email attachments, fake software (like video codecs), social engineering scams or fake online scanners and advertisement kitchen planner to. It may seem that this horrendous family could plant one of its bogus tools anywhere, and this is the reality reason behind this successful group of schemers. Therefore, act carefully, when you browse, and download from trustable sources only!

Have you wondered how it is possible for one single program, released in different names, to have fooled Windows users continuously for years? Well, not only is it because people tend to act carelessly in the virtual world, but also because many Windows owners do not have the right attitude towards their systems’ security. Some of them do not update their antivirus tools, and others do not even own them, which is a recipe for disaster, as malware like Windows Safety Checkpoint or Windows Premium Guard can only breach security of those systems that do not have up-to-date protection.

All in all, different Rogue.VirusDoctor family variants (e.g. Windows Efficiency Accelerator, Windows Performance Advisor, Windows Pro Rescuer) may look like integral Windows tools, offering you best opportunities to remove malware, but truthfully these are only instruments in the hands of vicious cyber criminals. The prospects of a future without the cunning Virus Doctor clones, which get released nearly every single day (except weekends, because criminals need to rest too), are not very bright. Especially, if each and every one of us will not take care of your Windows systems, this obnoxious family of fake antispywares could thrive for three more years, or get replaced by another vicious group. So, be careful, install legitimate security tools, and do not let Rogue.VirusDoctor clones fool you too!