What you need to know about Windows 8

Dec 20

Microsoft has showed us the very first public demo of Windows 8, and it is not at all like the Windows operating systems we have become used to over the past 25 years disney filme downloaden. The next generation Microsoft operating system is a radical departure from the original OS’s, designed around the principle of touch screens.

If this revaluation does not bode well with you, then don’t worry videos youtube for free. Here are a few handy Frequently Asked Questions from the Windows 8 build which Microsoft demonstrated recently:

What Windows 8 features did Microsoft actually demonstrate for us cultures gold kostenlos downloaden?

Microsoft showed us how the entire Windows 8 will work, on both the traditional PCs and on tablets. The OS’s home screen is filled with large touchable panels, like the live tiles found in the Windows Phone 7, and from here you will be able to tap and swipe your way around the touch based applications Download 3d movies. But underneath all this flashy technology lies the old plain windows, with a task bar, file manager and application icons.

How does the touch interface work exactly ndr mediathek film?

From the start menu, it will show the basic info like unread emails, time and from here the user can swipe upwards to reveal the home screen and the various tiles herunterladen. As with Windows Phone 7, apps can show some info within the tiles. This means that users do not need to click the weather app to see the current temperature herunterladen. Also swiping from the right bezel will bring up a menu that can take users from an app back to the home screen. Users can multitask between open apps by swiping across the left bezel microsoft word schreibprogramm kostenlos herunterladen.

How will the Windows 8 apps work?

Microsoft has stated that it created a new generation of apps or Windows 8, using HTML5 and Javascript, and that these apps are not like the apps anyone would expect to find on a tablet deutsche podcast herunterladen. The weather app shows five day forecasts while a news reader will display stories and thumbnail images in rectangular and large panes. Microsoft will distribute these apps through its very own store Download deutschrap album for free. You will find the app “Store” tile in the demonstrated Windows 8 version.

What about any existing Windows apps, like Office and Photoshop?

They will still work. Loading one of these apps onto the system will bring more familiar versions of Windows. According to Windows, the Classic Windows apps will use ‘fuzzy hit targeting’ to aid finger taps, but they will not be optimized for the touch screen like Windows 8’s HTML5/Javescript concoctions. Legacy apps can run side by side with the new Windows 8 apps.

When is the Windows 8 release date anticipated?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was quoted as saying that Windows 8 will launch in 2012, but Microsoft has been keeping quiet on the actual release date. Expect more details on Windows 8 soon.