Why do Lithuanians leave their homeland

Sep 01

This video shows reasons why do Lithuanians leave their homeland.

A word from film creator:

Where is your home?

Seems like a simple question, but the answer is not always that obvious, each individual comes from somewhere, goes places, and sooner or later he has to make a decision – where to stay herunterladen.

With Lithuania in the throws of one of the worst recessions Europe has witnessed in recent years, young filmmaker Igor Drozdov faces one of the toughest decisions of his life minecraft for free. Stay in England, the country in which he has studied, worked and lived for the last 4 years or return home to Lithuania, to a family and country he loves epub reader kostenlos herunterladen.

Split by his patriotic heart and cautious mind, Igor armed himself with his trusted JVC camera and a mind full of questions and set off on a trip home to Lithuania, in the search of an answer download xbox one game clips.

The result, “Shall I?” is a truthful, sometimes shocking, yet entirely honest dialogue between a filmmaker and the ordinary ‘every-day’ people of Lithuania dlf broadcast.